Timothy Johnson

Financial Insurance Solutions, Inc., founded in 1949 by Terry Johnson, is owned and operated today by his son Tim Johnson. The company focuses on helping business owners and professionals with their financial and insurance planning needs. The company serves many such clients throughout southeastern North Carolina, and its success stems from providing high-quality personalized service placing the client’s needs above all else.

Their succession plans are critical for the business owner, especially when the business owner wants to pass on the business to the next generation. Key-man life insurance and life insurance for a buy-sell agreement may be the solution for the business owner to meet their goals. For the high-income professional, asset protection and accumulating wealth in a tax-efficient manner are essential. Designing and implementing a plan that provides liquidity, access, and control while creating cash flow both before and during retirement that is totally off the radar screen of the U.S. Treasury may be just the answer to achieving their financial freedom. These are just a couple of ways that Tim Johnson and his firm assist in helping their clients work toward financial independence.

The company also provides a service and process that helps people find money they are losing unknowingly and unnecessarily. Tim uses this unique process operating under the philosophy that there is potentially more opportunity to serve clients by helping them avoid the losses in their financial life than assisting them to pick the suitable investment that hopes to be a winner. Once it is determined where the holes are in one’s financial plan, Tim then uses conservative wealth management strategies to plug the holes with one goal in mind: to help people work toward achieving reasonable rates of return while minimizing downside risk. Tim says, “You don’t have to swing for the fence with investment risk to achieve financial independence.” Financial Insurance Solutions, Tim’s company, offers safe money alternatives to the stock and bond markets, with tax efficiency as a primary characteristic of the strategy employed. Retiring with confidence and the least amount of taxes on one’s retirement income should be a focus of all retirees and pre-retirees.

Financial Insurance Solutions has strategies to help you work toward your financial future wherever you might be in your business and economic life.

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